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Who and when invented chess not known for certain . The memory of this brilliant inventor is lost in the dark ages. It is believed that the game is similar to modern chess, first appeared somewhere in northern India in the early first millennium AD. On behalf of the same story of its creator modestly silent . Maybe it was the gray-haired wise Brahmin , and can be quick-witted young farmer - now we 'll never know it , but it is not so important. The main thing is that the game was revealed to the world, eventually spread throughout the land, and healed their own, independent of the will of the creator, a special life . Of particular surge of interest in the game of chess occur in the late nineteenth - early twentieth century. By that time, were firmly set modern rules of the game and developed a full-fledged scientific chess theory . Clubs chess fans have proliferated like mushrooms after the rain, they were organized not only in big metropolitan cities but also in small industrial communities . In the first half of the twentieth century, chess became very popular in the young Soviet state - tournaments and championships were held punctually , chess clubs were established in schools , factories and ZhEKah , published tons of chess literature , who immediately bought up fans of the game. Over time, the popularity of chess all over the world began to decline , and a new surge of interest in the game has been called a chess duel between man and computer. First, experienced professionals to play a game of chess with the computer was not very interesting - they easily outplayed the machine. But computer programs improved all the time , continuously improved algorithms games , chess in the electronic version more like a game with a man, not a simple computing machine . Finally, in 1996 came the day when the world champion lost the game for the first time in a game against the computer. Then these fights were a sensation , now playing chess with the computer can be anyone . If you are a lover of chess, but next to you is not a worthy adversary with whom it was possible to sit at the chess board and play some intricate parties , try to find online chess online , play that are not less interesting than with a live partner. Game rules are the same as in the real chess, moreover, many versions allowed to choose the level of complexity that is especially useful for novice players . Modern high-quality programs featured on gaming sites allow you to play chess online without registering on the well -drawn fully three-dimensional chess board with a virtual opponent intelligence which is as close to a human , which makes these games very rewarding and exciting experience.

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